Why use a Garden Designer?


Most people have some idea of what they want in their garden and a vision of how they would like to use their garden.  What is also true is that most people only have a limited knowledge of hard landscaping materials and plants; what is available and what is suitable.


If you want the best and most cost effective design for your garden, this could be tricky without all of the necessary skills and information on hand.


Employing a garden designer is not a, 'nice to have', it's a 'must have' on the list of essential ingredients for the creation of the right garden for you. 


A fully qualified and experienced garden designer like Chris Linforth of Prime Garden Design gives you;

  • A well planned design, making the most of your plot
  • Helps you build on your own thoughts by suggesting new ideas and possibilities
  • Helps you express your individual style, no two clients, plots or designs are the same
  • Helps you establish your needs from your garden
  • Solves any problem areas on the site
  • Provides clear instructions for landscape contractors to follow
  • In short he helps you make the right decisions about your garden

What about the money?




It's true that employing Prime Garden Design costs you money!

But what is also true is that a well planned garden project can save you money by;




  • Avoiding costly mistakes, like incorrect construction methods or planting in unsuitable locations.
  • Avoiding the double doing of a particular area. If there is an overall plan, even if the project is to be built in stages, you will not waste time and money on a part of the garden in stage 1 of the project, which is destined for another use in stage 2.
  • Making sure your project complies with any relevant legislation, like the legislation affecting all driveways and front gardens that came into force in 2008. If your project fell foul of this legislation, you could be forced to take up your newly installed drive, now that's expensive!
  • Allows you to get 'like for like' quotations so that you end up with a fare and competitive price to construct the garden.
  • Gives you control over what the contractor is building for you as the project progresses.
  • Ensures that the quality of the materials and build are not cheapened by a contractor, giving you real value for money.
  • Makes sure that the end result is worth the money you've spent on it. With no nasty surprises or disappointments.
  • We also tailor the design to meet your budget so that you are not coerced into spending more than you are comfortable with.

We are convinced, with 20+ years in the garden creation business, that we will save you more money than we will cost you over the course of your project. Can you afford not to employ us?


Professional garden design is not a luxury, it's a necessity!

Would you buy a car that had been built by someone who had bought a load of car parts and had a go at throwing them together? No? Well you shouldn't consider doing that with your garden or driveway project either.


When you employ Chris Linforth of Prime Garden Design to design your scheme, you've got an expert on your side. He is expert in the field of hard landscaping construction as well as plants and their habitats.


Chris is also an expert in design, with dozens of projects being successfully designed and implemented every year, using the very latest in CAD (Computer Aided Design). Chris pushes constantly to be at the forefront of his profession, visiting all of the RHS flower shows and landscaping trade shows, not to mention various technical lectures on new topics, problems or products in the field of landscaping. He is also on the mailing list for all of the major suppliers of products and materials, keeping him abreast of all new developments, products and legislation that affects the industry.


To take a project on yourself is a potentially daunting task. It would take years to accumulate the knowledge that Chris has developed over his career, well it's taken him over 20 years to date. Add to this the knowledge that he will save you money, through the process of designing and implimenting your project and the decision to employ Prime Garden Design becomes a very easy one.

Call us now on 0845 643 6740                                    or use our contact form to get in touch.




It affects every driveway and front garden in the country and could cost you thousands if your project does not comply.



We will stear you to a cost effective, compliant solution.

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