Plant sourcing

Thank goodness for that!  - This is what a number of landscapers say to us when they realise that they do not need to source the plants and trees for a project.


Why? - Because plant sourcing can be a hit and miss affair, buying potentially poor stock, of a different size or variety than is specified on the plant schedule. Often a local nursery won't have all of the correct varieties and sizes available, so will try to convince a landscaper to take a substitution. Unless the landscaper has all of the relevant knowledge of that particular plant or variety, this can lead to problems further down the line. Inevitably costing time and money and potentially adversly affecting the finished project.

Plant sourcing : our strategy


The Problem: It's a potentially complex problem, sourcing plants, due to the shear number of species and varieties and sizes that are available. The difficulties have increased in recent years due to some severe winters in the UK, experiencing temperatures as low as -17 degees celcius. These severe winters have desimated plant stocks accross the country, rendering some varieties incredibly difficult to source.


Our Strategy: Our wide ranging strategy solves all of these problems and ensures that the correct, high quality plants and trees are delivered. We only source plants and trees from reputable trade nurseries who we have audited and have supplied us for many years. Some of these nurseries are local and some are national (typically those that specialise in growing a particular type of plant). We have a good working relationship with our suppliers and our business is important to them, thus ensuring we receive a first class service.

Setting out the plants


We will also set out the plants in their respective beds ready for planting. Using our expert knowledge, we place each plant individually taking account of its best face and its final size. Using our 20 years of experience, we ensure that everything is perfectly proportioned for the WOW factor that the final planting out gives.

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